Price drop

46€ 71€

Element men’s hoodie will please every sportsman not just with its look, but above all with its material. Zipper side pockets will also find their use.

34€ 57€

The Element PRO men’s cotton sweatpants will find their use not just during workouts, but also for leisure. You will find zipper pockets on the sides.

19€ 79€

Women’s Combat collection contains leggings from a breathable material, which has compressive function and thus reduces the fatigue of the muscles during exercise.

19€ 79€

Women’s Combat PRO functional leggings offer a breathability as great as the Combat collection leggings. However, they employ a different design, consisting of a combination of camouflage and color black.

18€ 41€

Women’s Combat mini shorts provide comfort during everyday training. They are made of opaque material, which is breathable and very pleasant to touch.

18€ 42€

Women’s sports bra Combat offers flexible Lycra type material in a camouflage design. The quality of the material provides high level of comfort during workouts.

23€ 37€

The Element collection also offers loose cotton shorts. Thanks to the great quality and flexibility of the material, you will appreciate them even during the most demanding workout.

26€ 41€

The camouflage pattern that we used for the men’s tank from the Combat collection is very pleasant to the touch, while Coolmax fibers provide great breathability.

26€ 41€

The men’s tank top Element will make every customer happy thanks to its light and very flexible material. It is also made of Coolmax fibers.