About us

Aestheticpro® is a new sportswear brand focusing mainly on fitness. 

For our products we use only the highest quality Czech and European (especially Italian) materials. All production takes place in the Czech Republic. We place great emphasis on quality and craftsmanship so that our products will serve you for as long as possible and help you to fulfill your dreams of a muscular, symmetrical figure.


We work with top men and women athletes from the Men’s Physique, Bodybuilding and Bikini Fitness categories, who have been able to make their way to the top in the competition thanks to their hard work. 


We use state-of-the-art technology and materials for the production of Aestheticpro® sportswear.


LycraInvista branded elastane fiber. The fiber is able to stretch up to seven times its length without breakage. Adding a small percentage of Lycra® fibers to the material improves the shape of the product, its elasticity, and its adaptation to the curves of the body.



These zippers are among the most famous and reputable ones in the world. The YKK® brand has made zippers since 1934, and they guarantee quality and reliability even in long-term use.

Sublimation printing

Sublimation printing is known for its color fastness and sharpness of the print. In sublimation printing, special inks are used, which, due to rapid heating, change into gas. Pigments are thus absorbed deeper into the material, the pattern is sharper and does not fade even after washing. Furthermore, sublimation does not change the original properties of the material, such as its feel to touch, breathability and the ability to wick away perspiration. 


That’s exactly what I’ve been looking for – leggings that feel like a second skin and are not see-through.

Kamila Pavlíčková

In an Astheticpro tank top you’ll stay dry during the whole workout.

Jiří Odvářka