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Hi, my name is Jakub Veselý and I’m 29 years old. I come from Prostějov and currently I work there as a personal trainer of fitness and bodybuilding. With some minor breaks, I’ve been engaged in fitness, bodybuilding and healthy lifestyle for almost 13 years.

I try to pass the knowledge and experience I’ve gained along the way to my clients, family, friends and acquaintances. It is a wonderful job, but also demanding. I enjoy communicating with people – and communication is the key, together with positive and individual approach. In my work I try to adapt to the schedule, health and physical capabilities of my clients, to be able to react quickly to non-standard situations, to come up with new alternative solutions and to be a mentor, motivator, observer and advisor. Like in other disciplines, it is important to constantly educate and follow new trends that can then be used in practice, because our field also doesn’t stagnate and keeps going forward.

I started my competitive career in the spring of 2014 and until today I have participated in about 10 competitions. Among my greatest achievements is that I ranked 7th in one of the largest European and world championships, Evls Prague Amateur (formerly Olympia Amateur), that I was first at the Fitbalance IFBB International Cup and that I achieved the title of the Czech Champion, all in the Men’s Physique category. I try to pass on my experience to other potential competitors of this category in the form of seminars, pose lessons, etc.

In the future, I would like to continue to work as a personal trainer and I haven’t given up on my dream of owning and operating my gym where I would also work as a personal trainer. If my health and finances allow, I would like to train and use my experience and hard work on some of the great international events.

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