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Hello, I am 23 years old, my height is 174 cm and I weigh 91 kg. I am currently preparing for the Czech Republic Championship in Bodybuilding and International Austria Cup 2017. I am enrolled in a university correspondence course of coaching and physical education. My dream is to focus on bodybuilding. But, as I say to myself and hear people saying all around me, nothing is free and the way up is sometimes tricky, so I must work hard and not give up!

Each of us looks at exercise from a different perspective. As for me, I am a supporter of hard work and heavy weights, but also aesthetics and beautiful shapes where huge broad shoulders, narrow waist and big legs dominate the body. Your body shape is heavily influenced by genetics, but also by your attitude to eating, training and working out techniques. By looking at me, you might guess that I am one of the many who grew up with Arnold on the wall in my room and admired his body building, but also his world view and attitude to working out. Throughout my bodybuilding career, I’ve met a lot of people who blindly listened to the advice from one professional they looked up to.

Since I started working out and got interested in this lifestyle and bodybuilding, I began to read relevant books and magazines, gathered opinions about techniques and training plans. And I’ve learned one important thing. Everyone is different! For each of us, a different technique for performing an exercise is suitable; we each need a different number of repetitions, a different diet, a different approach to working out, a different approach to regeneration, a different approach to the exercise load. I learn a little bit from everyone. I feel like some kind of a mutant, composed from various bodybuilders and people who devoted their whole lives to this sport. From Kai Green, I’ve been learning to use my mind while working out, I learned dedication from Arnold Schwarzenegger, respect from Lou Ferrigno, explosiveness and strength from Ronnie Coleman, emphasis on aesthetics from Frank Zane, endurance in what I’m doing from Kevin Levron, etc.

When I’m not preparing for an event, in the volume phase we copy workout routines from these stars, which can be easily found on the Internet. These routines are drastic, but they provide the right shock for the muscles. For example, take the workouts of the “squat king” Tom Platz – they are brutal, but I think they are quite effective. I myself can say that I have something a lot of people lack, and that is humility, respect and deference for older, more experienced people than I am. Every time, even when I am one of the strongest guys in the gym, I’m willing to hear the opinion of any person who wants to teach me. Their opinion will be considered, and it has already happened to me that it was a very useful advice, even if it was just a little thing like the change of drinking regime between the series. I’m basically just an ordinary kid from an ordinary family with a big dream to become extraordinary. I’m ready to sacrifice anything to it and I wish to become the one that people will stick on their walls.

If you have read so far, I want to thank you for your time and wish you many successes. Especially I wish you to keep following your dream journey. Although sometimes it seems endless and full of obstacles, one day you will look back and say – it was worth it.

My thanks go mainly to Aestheticpro, who believe in me and their confidence helps me go forward and motivates me to show that they made a right decision in choosing me.  

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